We connect. We tell  stories.  We make you laugh.

We help you grow. We create awareness.

We promote alternative narratives.

We are InSpiral 






A safe, non-judgmental and compassionate environment fosters the Healing Power of Storytelling.

Our Storytelling Events blend personal experiences with the unique magic of InSpiral's vibes. Each storyteller receives support from a public speaking coach and has the opportunity to inspire others while learning how to become a more compelling speaker. These are our audience's favorite events.

Emotional Intelligence

We believe that Emotional Intelligence is key to make the world a better place for everyone.


With appropriate teachings and practice, we can all improve skills like empathy, self-awereness, impulse control, forgiveness, resilience, and the likes.

That's why we organize workshops led by professionals so that we can all learn and develop our emotional intelligence in a safe, diverse and constructive environment

Communication Skills

How can we communicate in ways that are transformational, compassionate, healing and inspiring? 

By becoming a more engaging speaker, a more empathic listener and by improving your ability to connect through non-violent communication.

At InSpiral, these topics are continuously developed through training events delivered by experts that have a strong drive to develop others and spread their knowledge.

Business and Leadership

A new wave of Business Practices and Leadership Models is changing the way we think about work, markets, and leaders.

It's time for leaders and managers to see leadership as an act of service and not as a status symbol. It's time for work environments and companies of all sizes to genuinely foster the physical and psychological well-being of their people. At InSpiral, we deliver events that help create compassionate and  fulfilling workplaces.