About Us

We started off as a group of friends and acquaintances gathering occasionally to discuss “important things in life”. During our meetups, we shared our thoughts, feelings, goals and aspirations, debating topics ranging from love, career, health, relationships, spirituality… you name it! Soon enough, we realized how powerful this safe space we created was: it made us feel connected and inspired to change and grow. And most importantly, it encouraged us to inspire others to action their own change. As we started opening our meetups to more people, we slowly evolved into a club that is today on a humble mission to keep inspiring each other through professional workshops, storytelling events, and self-development sessions.
We like to refer to our events as a “weekly dose of InSpiralation”. Most of you come to the event just after work, your batteries are low, and you leave with a sense of fulfillment for having shared a few hours of deeper human connection. And we love to see how good it feels to leave an event with our batteries charged with InSpiralation.
In May 2019, we officially became a Foundation.
Here’s what we offer:
  • Storytelling evenings: in each session, we bring 3 speakers to tell their personal stories and share important chapters of their life;
  • Workshops: our workshops range from professional to personal self-development areas such as coaching, leadership, communication skills, stress-release, public speaking, meditation etc. We bring you expert and professional speakers and trainers from each field to deliver fun and useful group exercises.
  • Members networking events: we often gather just to have a good time and discuss future events, plans, and strategy.
  • Retreats: twice a year, we organize 3-4 days retreats to relax, learn, connect and have fun together…. The next retreat will be in August 2019, dates and location will be published soon.
Our meetups are free of charge, however, in order for us to keep delivering quality content in the appropriate setting, we welcome and kindly accept your donations as a token of your appreciation for our commitment. We also welcome any feedback you have for our events and opportunities to collaborate and grow together.